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  • Ref no. BH154

We have been retained to help an online network grow into new markets, double their user base and create an amazing experience for all of their users, whilst also looking at new verticals to launch into!


We’re hiring to build a team of Software Engineers who understand what it means to create great products and services for users, but also be able to create, test and deploy quickly as we look to centralise our global platforms into one.


Typically, we’re looking at SOA and Microservices as our best route to create new products and features, however, we’re also running all of our new builds (across User, B2B and Data) using Extreme Programming principles, making sure that what we build, works!


What we’re looking for is simple;


  • Experience as a Senior Developer with Java, Go or Node (although we’re fairly tech agnostic and like people to be in touch with other languages)
  • Ideally, we’d like people to be able to demonstrate building applications, micro-services of API’s from scratch
  • We’d love to see more people who’ve worked in Extreme Programming environments, however, a min expectation is being happy to be involved with pair programming and TDD

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