Who are XL?

In short, we help the most exciting consumer brands recruit the rock stars of Product and Technology.

XL were founded in 2016, have quickly become one of Europe’s leading Product and Technology recruitment companies, helping consumer companies attract, hire and retain the best Global talent. Working across eCommerce, Marketplaces, Fintech, Streaming Media, Food Tech, Health Tech and pretty much any disruptive B2C service at all stages of growth.

As relatively new kids on the block we understand that the recruitment game has changed. We live and breathe our client’s company ethos and consider ourselves a partner rather than an external source. This enables us to really dig deep and understand the precise needs of our clients to give them the best guidance and deliver the best service.

This approach has helped us to build an extensive global network of highly talented people in the Product and Technology industry. This makes it possible for us to make established e-commerce companies significantly more accessible to candidates and introduce start-ups to the best talent on the market.

We believe customer experience is what sets us apart and separates us from the typical recruitment stereotypes. We may be starting our journey but we're already proving why we're one of the most credible Product and Technology Recruiters in Europe. Through referrals and recommendations, we’re building a great reputation and attracting clients and candidates that would not typically use a headhunting service.

For us, the best result is seeing our clients and candidates build and retain a successful team and create exciting and innovative products.

Our approach

Clients, candidates and consultants all want the same thing; a swift and straightforward recruitment experience. Our approach is tried and tested, and we commit ourselves to delivering a shortlist in two weeks when working on a retained project. We have honed our technique over the last few years and it can be broken down in to four stages.


Our experienced Business Development and Account Managers work closely with our clients to identify the technical requirements necessary to find the most suitable candidate. Extensive industry knowledge means that they can offer valuable insight and guidance on what it takes to build a strong Product and Technology team. We make sure to fully understand the company culture as we recognise the importance of finding the right personality fit for the team. This detailed analysis lays the solid foundations for our search.


Our research and discovery analysts create a bespoke search for every assignment based on target criteria to create a highly targeted longlist of profiles, drawing from social platforms and our niche and extensive network.

Each member of our team specialises in a particular area of Product and Technology recruitment. This gives them a thorough understanding of the role and the ability to identify the technologies and skills required to make a successful placement.


Our Consultants approach the most promising potential candidates, organising initial in-person, telephone and Skype interviews to further assess their competencies. We have an in-depth discussion to ensure that we are finding the most suitable expertise for the role and the correct character fit for your team.

After this rigorous selection process our consultants will present a fully qualified and referenced shortlist of candidates with relevant competencies cross referenced against the brief.


We work closely with hiring board to pre-organise interview dates for a smooth hiring process, including continued engagement with company and candidate throughout the journey. We will help to navigate and negotiate the particulars to ensure that both the client and candidate are happy with the final package. We stay with you for on-boarding and beyond and we like coffee, so we tend to visit regularly!

Your experience

As recruiters we have a lot of responsibility and we take that very seriously. Our work can change the course of a candidate’s future, the success of a company and the shape of the Product and Technology industry. We invest time in both our clients and candidates and understand that the right job is about more than just the skills. The company culture is the heart and soul and can be what makes or breaks a job. Understanding the nuances of that environment and characteristics to compliment that is what sets us apart.

From the first conversation we identify the client and candidate’s and priorities and motivations and make sure that these values align. Our candidates have the full support of our consultants who assist with the complexities that come with starting a new job such as salary expectations and relocating.

We operate with complete transparency to meet everyone’s high expectations and through this we build long standing relationships. Our credibility as Product and Technology recruiters means that candidates repeatedly turn to us to support their personal career progression, be that a new job or building a new team.


Our reputation

We may be at the beginning of our journey, but we're already proving why we're one of the best Product and Technology Recruiters in Europe. We’re building a great reputation and work with some of the coolest companies and people in the Product and Technology world.

We are committed to helping our clients evolve to become the best that they can be and we know that diversity accelerates innovation. Working with people all over the world means that we have a talented and varied network to draw from and we intend to use this to inspire a more inclusive Product and Technology industry.

We believe that everyone deserves equal opportunities and we apply that belief to everything that we do, both internally and externally. We strive to make sure that all XL staff, clients and candidates have the same great experience and are afforded the same chances regardless of their background, identity and experiences.


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